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Detailed Description of Construction and Installation Notices for Cold-shrinkable Cable Accessories

Cold shrinkage construction:

A cold shrinkable cable accessories reduce too many artificial factors. In construction, cold shrinkage can be shortened by removing the plastic core inside. In the process of shortening, the phenomenon of uneven shortening of insulating pipes will not be caused by artificial factors. Then the quality of construction is guaranteed.

B cold shrinkage shortening is to shorten from one end to the other according to the program. This program can not be changed to ensure that no bubbles will appear in the shortening process.

C in dangerous situations of petrochemical industry. Cold shrinkage construction avoids the use of heat sources and becomes safe.

Thermal shrinkage construction:

A heat shrinkage is greatly affected by the construction level. The uneven heating time will lead to the uneven thickness of insulating pipes shortening, and even some foundations not shortening, resulting in uneven thickness of insulation pipes shortening, and a brief breakdown of thin local.

B In the heating process of heat shrinkage, simply because the degree of heating is not well grasped, the situation of charred insulating tubes occurs, which greatly affects the insulating function of insulating tubes.

During the heating process, C shrinkage can be heated from one end to the other, or from the center to both ends, which makes the bubble appear in the shortening process very briefly.

D is to prevent the use of open fire and other heat sources, such as petrochemical, chemical and other work, assuming that the use of increased risk, can cause serious incidents.

In the process of application

1) The cold shrinkable cable accessories will follow the thermal expansion and shrinkage of the cable and keep synchronous breathing with the cable, so that the cable and accessories always adhere to excellent combination.

2) The thermal shrinkable cable accessories will not be changed with the thermal expansion and cooling of the cable. The long working time will cause the gap between the cable and the accessories, which will lead to the occurrence of the incident.

Quality contrast

1) The inherent benefits of cold shrinkage make the use of cold shrinkage cable accessories continue to move toward high voltage. At that time, there were 110 KV cold shrinkage cable accessories.

2) The inherent shortcomings of thermal shrinkable cable accessories make them roam under 35 KV voltage level for a long time, and at 35 KV voltage level, thermal shrinkable cable accessories have become an important cause of frequent incidents in cable work.

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